600 Storage is a large warehousing facility located in Mt. Hampden, Harare. The warehouse has storage facilities for grain, fertilizers and chemicals. Current grain storage in Silos is 10500 tons and 2500 bagged under tarpaulin. 600 Seeds warehouse is fumigated frequently to maintain high standards.


  • 1800 sq metres of warehouse storage
  •  Dichwe grain cleaner
  •  Grain, seed and soil testing laboratory
  •  Bagged conveyors
  •  Forklift, bag loaders
  •  Truck parking facilities
  •  Bulk Grain facility of 5 x 2,100 tonne silo bins and elevators
  •  Bagging off facility
  •  Option for the erection of additional silo storage and a grain dryer.
  •  Cash procurement facility for all small scale purchases


Services offered by 600 Seeds include:


  •  Storage and handling of all bulk and bagged commodities
  •  Fertiliser sales
  •  Fumigation
  •  Grain Cleaning
  •  Grain Drying
  •  Inputs distribution services to farmers for corporate farming
  •  Finance on stock


Email enquiries to: admin@600storage.co.zw | paul@600grainstorage.com | rhoard@origen.co.zw