Through our shareholding in Northern Products, we operate one of the country's largest privately-owned grain silos. Located in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, the silo’s boast a capacity of 40,000 tonnes of grain and also houses grain drying facilities and a bonded warehouse.


Northern Products stores for all the major trading companies together with many of the large processors directly. It is ideally situated in the grain belt of the country as well as on route between Harare and Lusaka to facilitate any cross border trade or the holding of grain between trades. It has rail access, drying facilities and a generator.


  •  40,000 tonnes bulk storage being 8 x 5,000 t bins
  •  60,000 tonnes bagged hard stand storage
  •  3,000 tonnes bagged shed facility
  •  4 x 500t wet storage grain bins
  •  Rail access and 75t rail hopper
  •  Road hopper 4 x 75t
  •  Dual 80t in and out weighbridges
  •  30t grain dryer
  •  2 x 150t elevators
  •  2 x 50t elevators for the grain dryer


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