NuFert is a division of Origen Corporation which has been one of the major fertilizer supply companies in Zimbabwe competing with the likes of Omnia, Windmill and ZFC since the 1990’s. Origen was one of the first companies to set up a blending plant in Chinhoyi under the brand of Nutrichem.


Nufert brings in substantial quantities of straights fertilizer, which are used for blending at their plant at 600 Seeds in Mt Hampden. It services a wide variety of wholesale clients such as the tobacco industry, tea, sugar, grains and oilseeds (through Staywell contract schemes), potatoes and other crops.


The inclusion of NuFert into the Origen family sets up the group to provide the full value chain to the grower locally as well as to markets in the SADC region.


NuFert strives to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, service and costs by continuous improvement in manufacturing, logistical efficiencies and research.  We strive to set the industry standard in service to customers by ensuring that their product is tailor-made to enhance and benefit farmers’ productivity and income.




  • Provide quality and cost effective fertiliser specifically tailored for each farmers requirements
  • Ensure manageable stock levels to ensure timely supply to meet seasonal demand.
  • Becoming a leading player in the agriculture sector of the country by penetrating and servicing markets in key production areas.
  • Provide efficient depots/hubs for quick distribution locally and to other regional markets.


NuFert supplies a wide range of granulated fertilisers, blends, macro nutrients, straights, specialized soluble fertilizers and liquid fertilizers. NuFert has the rights to the EcoBlack N Coated Urea Fertilizer Concept for which it has had tremendous success. NuFert is able to supply prescription blends and tailor-make your specific nutrient requirements suited to soil test results and specific crops. NuFert is also able to supply foliar nutrition and micronutrient products such as Calsap through Tsama SA.


Markets and Market Logistics

As fertilizer is a seasonal product, NuFert places stock into its warehouses based on demand levels and known market factors.  Fertiliser is the key ingredient to successful commercial crop production.  This ensures that farmers have the comfort of knowing that they may place orders in time for their specific demand cycles with the knowledge that the product is available.  Seasonal demands are not to be underestimated:  crop production relies heavily on timing of planting to ensure the climatic conditions are utilized effectively.


NuFert has linked itself with a number of major international fertiliser suppliers allowing  NuFert to source product competitively and ensure reliability  of supply and quality.


Back-up Services and Other Services

NuFert promotes and encourages the use of precision farming techniques.  It has the ability to offer services such as land mapping and soil sampling. NuFert prides itself on service delivery, by offering technical advice, delivery demands and quality products.  We also have access to a vast database on soil management. Biological soil maintenance is the overall market objective by combining both organic and inorganic principles to provide a balanced soil nutritional programme.



Our new blender and storage facility is located at 600 Seeds in Mt Hampden, just outside of Harare.  The plant has a blending capacity of 30t/hr together with 6,000 tonnes of storage capacity plus a suitable weighbridge.


NuFert has additional storage facilities in Chinhoyi (Northern Products) and Concession.


Contact us on:

Head Office

7 Seagrave Road, Avondale, Harare

   (T) +263(0)4303054/303021

   (F) +263(0)336200



Blending Plant

600 Storage Facility

Shamwari Road, Mt Hamden

Contact Person: Paul Elliot

   (M) +263 (0)774 699 625



  •  Property measuring 8.2 hectares
  •  Capacity for 50,000 tonne of fertiliser blends per year
  •  6,000 tonnes storage bagged and bulk
  •  4 x 3 tonne fertiliser bins for bulk blending
  • Rail siding and off take direct to bins
  •  The plant is currently moth balled and is used for grain storage and bagging off purposes.
  •  Origen is seeking a partner to utilize these facilities.